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Fishing Lakes With onX

Access Points and Species All in One App
Coming soon to onX: Fish. Be the first to try it out.

Access Points and Species All in One App
Coming soon to onX: Fish. Be the first to try it out.

A successful day on the water starts with a plan. You have to know what species you’re after, what lakes and rivers they live in, and how to get there. onX Fish helps you form a game plan with information including:

  • Species information per body of water
  • Boat ramps and access points for lakes and rivers
  • Updated fishing and boating regulations
  • Resources to find the best public access locations
  • Recommended lures and bait

Know Which Fish Species Are in Each Body of Water

Find lakes that contain high numbers of your target species. Whether you’re on the hunt for trophy smallmouth, want to chase musky, or heading out to get the kids on some perch, we can help you find where to go.

Find Boat Ramps and Fishing Access Points for Lakes and Rivers

onX makes finding boat ramps and access points easier than ever before. Tap anywhere on the map to find the boat ramps. Our public and private land boundaries will help you identify public access points and avoid crossing onto private land.

View Fishing Regulations

Fishing regulations help you understand when you can fish, along with limit information, boat regulations, and more.

By The Numbers

Fishing isn’t a math problem, but onX Fish adds an ecosystem of tools on top of your talents to make every fishing trip count.

852Million Acres of Public Land

The foundation of America’s outdoor ethic, learn where and how to access the public land entrusted to us all.

147Million Private Properties

You’ll never know if you don’t ask—find landowner data, knock on a door, and find a perfect spot.

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