The Most Trusted and Accurate Hunting GPS App for Android

Featuring public and private landowner data, wind and weather forecasts, custom Waypoints and more starting at $34.99 / year

Featuring public and private landowner data, wind and weather forecasts, custom Waypoints and more starting at $34.99 / year

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onX Hunt is the #1-rated hunting app for Android. Founded in 2009, onX Hunt has helped thousands of hunters across the country navigate challenging landscapes with 985 million acres of public land, 9,568 unique hunting units, and 421 map overlays and counting. Over 15,000 reviews with an average 4.7 star rating in the App Store. Get a free 7-day trial now. >>

Locate Property Boundaries With Ease

The onX Hunt App for Android provides the most accurate and up-to-date private and public land maps with 121 million private properties, 985 million acres of public land, and more than 400,000 miles of trails. With layers for private parcels, hunting unit boundaries, and more, you can quickly and easily identify property lines and discover good hunting land.

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Access Maps Without Cell Service

Even in the backcountry without a cell signal, you will have access to the most reliable map data available. Offline Maps are one of the favorite features among hunters using onX Hunt. They allow you to save maps to your Android phone and even access layers while navigating areas without coverage. And with recent updates, maps load 10x faster and crisper at higher zoom levels.

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Find the best public hunting land in the Midwest using onX maps. With offline maps, custom waypoints and combined aerial and topo maps, onX Hunt is the #1 app for hunters.

Save and Share Favorite Hunting Spots

Waypoints in onX Hunt allow you to tailor maps to your specific hunting needs. For example, if you’re a whitetail hunter in the East, you can create colored Waypoints to indicate the location of treestands that are most productive in the morning vs those you’d prefer to hunt in the evening. And with our new photo upload option, you can provide extra visual information to help your friends find your location.

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Reveal Critical Terrain Features to Locate Game

Using the Topo Basemap within onX Hunt, you can identify peaks, valleys, and other features to narrow your search for game hotbeds. Basins and wallows, for example, tend to hold elk, and creeks and ponds create natural funnels for deer traffic. When combined with the onX Hunt Aerial Basemap, you get the most comprehensive view of a landscape to make more informed decisions.

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Scout from Home With onX Web Map

Hunters who subscribe to the Android App also get complete access to the onX Web Map. This is especially advantageous for E-Scouting, allowing you to research and evaluate a hunting area before you step foot in it. Combined with Hunt Central, the premier hunt planning resource, you can increase your chances of success during limited hunting seasons.

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