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Nationwide Private Land Boundaries + Ownership Info

With Elite access to the #1 off-road GPS navigation and trail App, you’ll see private land boundaries and ownership information for the entire country–including 985 million acres of public land and private landowner information for 147 million private properties in any state. Know where you can legally off-road and camp and discover even more places to explore. Tap any property for ownership info and acreage, so you can see if you can access an OHV park or find a trail easement.

Recent Satellite Imagery

Elite maps are now better than ever with newly-improved recent imagery for motorized trails and terrain. Make better decisions in the backcountry with highly-detailed imagery that reflects conditions from the last one to two weeks. Our recent aerial imagery is twice as detailed as government sources (5 meters/pixel vs. 10 meters/pixel), and Elite members can use it to determine whether a route is accessible or covered in snow and ice.

Exclusive Rates on Our Favorite Brands

At onX, we’re firm believers that quality gear makes a difference. With your onX Offroad Elite membership, you’ll gain access to exclusive pricing on products and services selected by our team. You won’t find any brands or products that we wouldn’t use on our own rigs. We’ll continue adding more best-in-the-industry partners to this list in the future.