Parsons to Stone Lake Run

Total Miles


574.13 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This beautiful twisting winding country gravel road leads from Parsons to Stone Lake Run and eventually down to Bear Haven Campgrounds in Otter Creek Recreational Area. Many gorgeous rock overhangs narrow shelf roadways entire route follows the cheat creek river. Fuel food and lodging could be found at either end of this trail

Photos of Parsons to Stone Lake Run

Parsons to Stone Lake Run
Parsons to Stone Lake Run
Parsons to Stone Lake Run


Fairly well braided roadway maintained by the county potholes regularly found some sections to rude very narrow with steep drop offs

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Derek Parsley
Mar 16, 2024
2021 Ford F-Series
Traveled from north to south, trail was a little damp from rain the past few days but overall good condition

Access Description

You can access this trail by Parsons City or Alpine Lodge and Restaurant in Wymer West Virginia.

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