Vances Cove

Total Miles


575.18 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Vances Cove trail is a meandering gravel road starting at Cold Spring Gap. Descending into the valley along cold spring creek. The road can become washed out in some areas after heavy rain, as the trail so closely follows it. Tight and narrow, the trail winds down to an intersection at Vances Cove, where it becomes a little overgrown but is a good turnaround point. If turning right here, the trail will start to climb out of the valley and into more hardwoods. Many dispersed campsites can be found along this section until ending at a gate. It's recommended to turn around at the last turnout marked waypoint.


This road is mostly gravel but narrow and winding with areas washed out from heavy rains. These washouts can be a little rough and rocky with clay in some areas. Some standing water may be present in low areas.

Technical Rating