Wild Horse Road

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1644.93 ft



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Wild Horse Road starts at Goblin Valley Utah State Park and makes its way towards Factory Butte. There are many hiking trails and slot canyons that you can stop along the way to visit. The majority of this trail is fairly easy as it is mainly packed dirt. There are some sand washes and loose rocks that you will be crossing (or driving in and through the washes). These can change day to day as flash floods will push rocks, sticks, and extra sediment downstream after rainstorms. One day this trail may be rated as a three, and other days, it could be a four. The muddy creek crossing will, at minimum, be a four but could be rated as high as a six depending on the current rate of flow of the water and how sticky the mud is.


Loose sand in the washes, possible large rocks and timber that has been brought downstream from flash floods.There is a water crossing that at most times is very easy, however right after a storm it can get deep and the mud can get churned up and make crossing difficult. If you are unsure if you can cross the water crossing, I would walk across it to test its depth and get a feel for how the mud is. On a typical day I would rate this a 3 or a 4, but right after a storm it could be rated as high as a 6.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The trailhead is directly West of Goblin Valley State Park's parking lot (prior to entering the park). It is slightly paved for a small chunk of this trail, but turns into gravel and then hard packed dirt.