Long Canyon

Total Miles


1,864.88 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Long Canyon is a beautiful and easy trail, beginning just off of 313 heading towards Dead Horse Park. Primarily rock, this trail has no major obstacles on it. Early on, there is a wash crossing that could prove problematic if a major rain event has happened. Later along the route, there is a giant rock underpass, followed by several switchbacks. It's important to note that larger vehicles will not fit through this iconic "rock tunnel", and there's no turnaround at or near this spot. (See pictures for reference.) Keep your eyes on the road for the stunning views. This route can be completed in either direction; be courteous to those traveling in the opposite direction. The road is wide for most of the trail, with places for passing near the narrow spots. There are large parking areas at each end of the trail for larger vehicles and airing up/down. Near the top of the canyon, there is a large area for possible viewing of mountain sheep. Please Tread Lightly in these areas, as this is a protected environment and birthing ground for the sheep. Remember to stay at least 25 yards (75-100 feet) away from wildlife.

Photos of Long Canyon

Long Canyon
Long Canyon
Long Canyon


This is a wide rock trail. It is unmaintained and mostly shelf road above a deep steep canyon. You may encounter shallow water crossings and obstacles under 12 inches on the trail. There's a steep descent or hill climb in areas. The road is mostly two lanes wide, with places near the narrow spots for allowing other vehicles to pass.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

May 10, 2024
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
Good conditions all around.
Tiffany Smith
May 01, 2024
2022 Ford Bronco
The trail was very rutted in areas as someone ran it during the recent rain and tore sections of it up. I would rate it as a cheer.
Brandon P
Apr 28, 2024
2022 Ford Bronco

Access Description

Enter off of 313, heading down a long gravel path. When you come to a left turn, it will lead to the descent. Note: no camping or campfires are allowed. The higher elevation area is home to Bighorn Sheep. Stay on the designated route.

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