Wide Hollow

Total Miles


2,503.37 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Wide Hollow is situated in a 3 mile long small valley providing access to the Old Woman Plateau to the East and Rock Canyon to the North. Main access is made off of the frontage road for Interstate 70. The area is a favored location for big game hunters looking for rocky mountain elk or mule deer. The area is covered in sage brush with many groves of oak brush or cedar tree's. There are several large boulders and ledges surrounded by oak brush making for some very picturesque views. Especially in the fall and the changing colors of the leaves. Most of the road remains good, although narrow. As you approach Rock Canyon and have to gain elevation. There are several areas that have rut's and can be tricky in a larger vehicles.

Photos of Wide Hollow

Wide Hollow
Wide Hollow


Early Spring provides for muddy conditions along with ruts caused by running water.

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