Spirit Lake

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This is a very well-maintained and frequently traveled road that brings you to the beautiful and majestic Spirit Lake. Even though the road begins as a wide, 2-lane road, it begins to narrow and become increasingly more winding the closer it gets to Spirit Lake. However, it is still a flat, graded road that almost any vehicle should be able to navigate with no problems.


Even though the road is wide and well-maintained after the turnoff from 221, it becomes more narrow and winding at the top near the lake and becomes a single lane road.


The lodge at Spirit Lake was completed in 1936 and has since been a family-favorite destination for nearly 100 years.

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Access Description

From Wyoming: Take Highway 414, turn right (south) at the McKinnon Junction up through Sols Canyon, Forest Road 221. Turn right on Forest Road 001; turn right and follow the dirt road to the campground. From Vernal, Utah: Take Highway 191, which turns into Highway 44. Shortly past the Dowd Mountain overlook, turn left onto Forest Road 218. Turn onto Forest Road 221 heading west, until you reach Forest Road 001; turn left and follow the dirt road to the campground.