Pritchett Canyon

Total Miles


1,657.77 ft


6 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

One of the most famous trails in Moab, Pritchett Canyon tests the most experienced riders and toughest rigs. Be prepared to winch and damage your vehicle. Expect off-camber turns, huge ledges and long, difficult climbs. The trail only gets harder as you go on. Flash floods are possible.


Extremely difficult. For big, customized, hard-core rigs only. Huge, off-camber ledges lie in wait for drivers too proud to winch (winch points on Chewy Hill, Rocker Knocker, Axle Hill and Yellow Hill). We left our modified 2-door Rubicon at home and wisely rode with Moab Friends for Wheelin'. Study YouTube(r) videos before you go.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Steve Boatman
May 18, 2023

Access Description

From Hwy.191 on south side of Moab at McDonald's, head west on Kane Creek Road. Bear left at the first fork, and continue south along river. Go 4.5 miles to parking lot on left.

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