Pass On This One

Total Miles


1482.03 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This seldom-traveled offshoot trail is quite narrow and appears to be used more by livestock than by vehicular travel. There are steep long off-camber loose sections with very tight turns. The washouts are pretty deep, and G out your suspension if you hit them too quickly. There are soft off-camber areas that may challenge traction with a heavier vehicle. The trail ends at a very steep descent even though some faint two-track appears to continue up the next hill. Based on the marks on the ground, where the track recording ends is the main turn-around point. Anyone who would attempt this trail is just looking for a challenge. Otherwise, it's not appealing as a destination. One bar of LTE cell service.


Off-Camber, big washouts and steep climbs.

Technical Rating