North Hills

Total Miles


1965.73 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This out and back trail leads from Highway 219 to the North hills. It's generally easy until you get higher in elevation, where the turns become tighter. The beginning of the trail is through a residential area, so remember to be mindful of dust. When the trail was recorded, there were two water crossings that appear to flow year-round. The entire run is through a dense Juniper forest, and there are a few camping spots scattered here and there. The trail's end is almost at the top of the hills, but there is still a pretty sweet view. Watch for erosion preventing speedbumps; they come out of nowhere, and some have deep holes on the other side of them. One bar of LTE service fades in and out. There's one deep washout that may take a stock vehicles bumper if line choice isn't selected well.


Mostly easy, short shallow water crossings near the bottom. One deep washout will require careful tire placement to avoid bumper damage.

Technical Rating