Mild West

Total Miles


2,016.88 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a scenic drive up and/or down a huge mountain plateau. The trail is easy to follow and mostly on rock with small, loose rocks in between. The view from the top is amazing! This is also the exit route for the "Wild West" trail. Campsites are at the bottom of the hill and you'll drive right past them on your way up.

Photos of Mild West

Mild West
Mild West
Mild West


Any 4x4 vehicles on 31-inch tires should be able to do this trail without any problems.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

If you come from Cedar City, take Highway 56 west out of town. The entrance is on your right (very sharp right turn onto a dirt road) right past Bumblebee Drive on your left. Once you're on the dirt road, just keep going straight.

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