Metal Masher - Part 1

Total Miles


1,746.26 ft


2.5 Hours

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Trail Overview

The trail begins as an uneventful, rocky, dirt road. A couple of miles in, that surface gives way to several miles of slick rock. The final portion is largely loose rock, rubble, and dirt. The trail drops slightly in elevation for the first 2.5 miles before climbing and becoming more challenging, with multiple rock ledges and staircase obstacles. The first big ledge (3.4 miles from the trailhead) offers several options with varying difficulty. Rock Chucker (4.4 miles) is completely optional, but Mirror Gulch (4.6 miles) and the Ledge (Z) Turn (4.8 miles) are both without bypasses. If trouble occurs on one of these obstacles, there should be cell service along Arths Rim, along with a view of the Gemini Bridges trailhead and US 191 below.

Photos of Metal Masher - Part 1

Metal Masher - Part 1
Metal Masher - Part 1
Metal Masher - Part 1


The majority of the trail itself is not all that challenging, and Rock Chucker is an optional obstacle. Mirror Gulch and the Ledge (Z) Turn, however, cannot be bypassed, and require a fair amount of ground clearance with good approach, break-over, and departure angles. Lockers are recommended. There are no winch points for either obstacle.

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Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The trailhead is accessed by running the first 6.0 miles of Gemini Bridges (from US 191), or by backtracking the last 7.0 miles from the end of Gemini Bridges (from SR 313).

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