Kearl Pond

Total Miles


2,403.14 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Kearl Pond trail is an easy-graded trail that will lead you to some breathtaking vistas. This trail begins at Hell's Hollow within the Hardware Ranch trail system. You'll head east and climb on top of a small mountain range and follow a few saddles. While doing so, make sure to view the valleys and rolling mountains. Once you arrive at the intersection of Temple Canyon Road, head west to a system of beaver ponds for a nice spot to have lunch. Continuing west, the trail reconnects with one of the main Hardware Ranch trails that can lead you to Old Ephraim's Grave to the west or Peter Sinks to the north. The trail is full-width. There are no major obstacles along this trail and 4x4 is not required. The trail can be very muddy and possibly still have snow into early summer. It's very dusty during the hot summer and early fall months and closed to everything but snowmobiles during the winter months.

Photos of Kearl Pond

Kearl Pond
Kearl Pond
Kearl Pond


This is a very well-graded dirt road with little to no obstacles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Charles Martin
May 04, 2024
Deep Snow
Deep snow covers the entire trail. about 3ft deep in sections

Access Description

This trail can be accessed at the Hardware Ranch trailhead or the Peter Sinks trailhead.

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