Kane Creek Overlook

Total Miles


1673.17 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Moab may be full of amazing views, but this one certainly won't disappoint! You leave from the small sand dune area off of Behind the Rocks RD, and meander through mainly sandy/dirt 2 track that is relatively smooth, with some areas of sandstone as well. When you are nearing the end, there is more sandstone, and a couple of overlooks to stop and enjoy. Deep in the bottom of the canyon, you will be able to see Kane Creek, and the trail running through it. It's a short out-and-back trail that can be coupled with some fun in the sand dune, picture frame arch, or Behind the Rocks trail.


There are no major obstacles, a couple of ledges near the end.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Behind the Rocks Road is a wide dirt road, depending on the season, it can be rough, but easy. This will take you back to the entrance of the trail.