Hunter Canyon (via Behind the Rocks)

Total Miles


1583.18 ft


7 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a beautiful detour off of Behind the Rocks and gives quite a challenge and a break from the normal Moab EJS Safari Route trails. Large boulder crawls, rock gardens on inclines, and very strategic technical climbs for those looking for mental stimulation of where to put their wheels to accomplish the trail. While there are a few bypasses, not all of the obstacles offer this advantage which increases the difficulty rating. Additionally, there are obstacles along the route that are purely optional which could increase the rating. (White Knuckle Hill, Roller Coaster, and Hummer Hill are an option back to the BtR trailhead) Plenty of trees for shade and breaks in some areas, places to stop along the trail without blocking the travel route, and your normal Moab loose dirt, sand, and then solid slick-rock combo.


There are several large climbs, being off camber depending on 2-door, 4-door, or Gladiator length. Some vehicles with lockers and 40" tires even had some difficulty in the cold getting traction. A few climbs can be filled with water feet deep before a climb. Washouts are possible. All of the vehicles listed above would be ideally equipped with a companion vehicle, recovery gear, lockers, and tires 37" or taller. Smaller and more nimble vehicles can make this if built more as buggies willing to accept body damage.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the more southern Maverik fuel station in Moab, travel approximately 11.8 miles to the "Behind the Rocks" trailhead (BtR) (County Road 1931) on the west side of the road. You will travel west following that route for roughly 14.4 miles until coming to the Hunter Canyon (HC) trailhead. The actual (HC) trail is barely less than 4 miles, however the route back to the highway is another 12.3 miles back to the BtR trailhead meeting Hwy191. There are several junctions along BtR, follow the mapped route diligently to stay on course for an easier out.