Dry Canyon Trail to Jacob City Loop

Total Miles


2503.35 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Starts out as an easy trail where vehicles can pass each other but as you start to enter the canyon, it turns into a single lane with very few pullover spots to allow oncoming vehicles to pass. As one ascends the trail it does start to get steeper and more rock that is loose. Highly recommend airing down for optimal traction. Depending on the length of the vehicle, the switchbacks may require a two to three-point turn. As you travel along the trail, you'll come across the opening of a couple of the mines. They are barred off so entry is not possible but you can look in. After you reach the end of the trail, it opens up to the grounds of where Jacob city mine used to be. The surroundings show signs of the mining operation. This trail is an alternative trail to get to Jacob city and is a more challenging trail than the main trail. Ascending you'll want to stay in 4LO, but descending you can stain 4LO or high range but will require more braking.


Air down for optimal traction as it does get steep and areas of loose rock. Also plan on brush striping if one is worried about scratches.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Just as you turn up the road that goes to Ophir there's a parking area on the left that is the start of the trail.