Coal Bench Road-Garfield County 7800

Total Miles


2149.72 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Coal Bench Road-Garfield County 7800 is an 8-mile point-to-point trail across one of the more unique geological near Tropic, Utah. Coal Bench Road is a easy trail rated 2 of 10. A bench is a long, narrow bedrock platform bounded by steeper slopes above and below, usually overlooking a waterbody. There are several short trails worth exploring that extend from the road. Because of the short length this trail (including all of its tangents), it only takes about two to three hours to complete. The road is mostly dirt and gravel roads with a few washes (usually dry) to cross. Because of the nature of this desert area, inclement weather can cause flash flooding and washing out of trails. Keep an eye on the weather during colder months and bring extra water during the summer. Lodging, restaurants, fuel and groceries can all be found in the town of Tropic. Similar services can be found east in Escalante, and to the west in Bryce. There are no facilities on the trail.


County dirt road with infrequent or light maintenance after rain or snow, high clearance light duty 4WD may be required.

Technical Rating