Chocolate Drop House Trail

Total Miles


2,015.41 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Chocolate Drop House Trail is a 4.5-mile (9-mile) out-and-back trail rated 3 of 10 located in Beaver County, Utah. This is a destination trail that leads to a unique scenic feature. The trail is a single-track dirt trail at the north end of the Mineral Mountains. There is no written history of this location, the story or legend from locals say that it was built by a minor around the turn of the century by hollowing out the rock and then creating the walls. It is said that the miner started making moonshine to sell to the Roosevelt Hot Springs Hotel and Mag's Brothel about 5 miles down the trail (See Hot Spring Trail for these sites). The Milford Flat fire of 2007 torched the area and burned the inside of the cabin, but the exterior wall remains intact. The area is remote without cell phone service. The nearest services are located in Milford roughly 20-miles southwest.


The trail consists of loose rocks, dirt, and sand with some slickrock surfaces, mud holes possible, no steps higher than 12". 4WD may be required, aggressive tires are a plus.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

John Peck
Jul 22, 2023

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