Total Miles


1,251.44 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Bzzackwards is an 11-mile loop trail and one of the newer trails on Sand Mountain, developed in 2016. The name is a derivative of buzz and backward. The original trailhead sign shows the trail rated as 4, however, due to use the trail is now rated 5 out of 10. Parts of this trail will definitely get your attention with "V-notch" slickrock and a big sand dune drop. The last section of this trail is a run on the West Rim Trail going backward. Obstacles that may have seemed easy when running West Rim will take on a completely different challenge when going backward. The trail starts at the intersection of the Lakeside trail and the north/south fence line. Stay to the west of the fence when starting this trail. This trail starts off on a sand track and easy slickrock climbs. Upon reaching where "The Fallen" trail begins, a challenging section with a descent off a rock fin and up the other side within the first mile of the trail which may require a spotter for novice drivers. Continue west until reaching Sand Dunes Way, turn south and follow up to Competition Hill. A compost toilet is located on Competition Hill and provides a great place for a break and pictures off the south rim. Leaving Competition Hill can be tricky with a steep downhill sand track. Winding west along the rim, there is a drop into a hard right and climb that will test unlocked vehicles. From there, the trail comes to the ledge where the Maze trail ends. Bzzackwards runs from the northeast corner of Sand Mountain to the southwest corner and includes almost every view available along the way. SAFETY NOTE: The sand dunes and Competition Hill change constantly, it is advised that you observe conditions before committing.

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Trail surfaces are rutted, rocky and sandy with steps not exceeding 24", with considerable slickrock surfaces. Water not exceeding 12" with some mud possible. Good ground clearance and driving skills are needed. 4WD, tall tires (33" plus) and traction adding devices (locker, limited slip) are required. Above average driving skills are desirable. A winch would be a plus. Enhanced suspension travel and good ground clearance are also required.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Owen Boerboom
Oct 19, 2023

Access Description

Bzzackwards Trail is located in the Sand Mountain Open Riding OHV Area adjacent (south) to Sand Hollow State Park. The trail can be accessed from the Waddy's Corral (formerly known as the Water Tanks Staging Area) off Sand Hollow Road (Highway, 7 exit 18) by heading east on the fence line trail (free), from the tunnel at Sand Hollow State Park (park entry fee) or heading west from Green Gate and following the fence line trail.

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