Buckhorn Draw to Wedge Overlook

Beautiful family-friendly road open to nearly any vehicle when dry. Enjoy pictographs, dinosaur prints and, if you're lucky, a wild burro.

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Enjoy a day in the desert on this easy, family-friendly road, open to nearly any vehicle when dry. Stop and enjoy a 130-foot pictograph next to a very distinct dinosaur footprint. Take in the beautiful views and end the trip at "The Little Grand Canyon." There are designated campsites along the way, as well as many explorable side roads for Jeeps and unlicensed OHVs. Feeling lucky? Keep your eyes peeled for wild burros.


Easy. Maintained road suitable for passenger cars when dry. May be impassable when wet even for 4x4s. Flash floods possible.


The 167-ft. historic San Rafael Swinging Bridge at Waypoint 02 was completed in 1937 to provide a safe way for local ranchers to get their livestock across the river. It opened up thousands of acres of new grazing land. This bridge is the only suspension bridge remaining in Utah. Source: Kiosk at the bridge.

Access Description

Get off Interstate 70 at exit 131 marked as Sinbad and Temple Mountain Road. Start on north side.

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