Ellis Pt/Bluff View Road

Total Miles


546.14 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

These two trails start at the end of Tower Road. The trail is mostly a narrow single track but traffic is two-way so be mindful of that. This trail, as with all the trails in Prentice Cooper, is a very nice drive in the woods. You need some clearance on this trail mostly due to the hills having large humps and needing a higher break-over angle. We measured 17 degrees of pitch on a few of the hills which wasn't an issue in the dry but would be tougher if it was wet. There are some great views along this trail, especially when you get close to the cliffs area. The map shows that this trail continues on Goat Pt road but that road actually dead-ends at about 400 yards. We had cell service for most of this trail (Verizon). https://youtu.be/hibRLgU4auw


Nothing too difficult about this trail but you will need some clearance to get across the large humps on the hills. If this trail is wet the challenge would increase.

Technical Rating