Coppinger Cove to Cave

Total Miles


305.8 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Coppinger Cove is a wonderful trail with a mix of everything, dirt, rocks, mud, and water. The kick-off of this trail is a water crossing, one small obstacle that leads to a longer water crossing. From there you will continue to go up the trail going north running parallel to Little Sequatchie River. About a mile and a half up, you will come across another water crossing that is the deepest on the trail. We went a few days after it rained but water levels were not too high and once you or across the water, you will take a left to continue down what is a dry waterbed. For the next few miles there will be two or three line options: dry creek bed, a muddier option of the trail, and the less muddy yet more technical due to avoiding trees. We choose mainly the less muddy route when possible but you will touch all three surfaces on the way. There are two deep pits that should be avoided for anyone running less than 37/40 inch tires ( I have been stuck in one of them in the past) but there are passthrough going to the right each time. There is one place where a full-width vehicle will have to go over some rocks to get through on the way to the cave. It is from the tight squeeze to a small waterfall about 2500 feet, then you will come to a fork in the road. We took the trail to the left then went another 1500 feet up elevation then went down to the cave. There were three of us in the crew when tackling this trail, two Jeep JLU and one Gladiator with two-inch lifts and 35-inch tires. I have done this trail with a small crew and a large crew of over 15 rigs, I would suggest keeping the crew small for this trail but best not to go alone in case you need help in any of the tough spots. Also, recovery straps are suggested. I would not recommend this trail for anyone running a fully stock vehicle but we were able to get to the cave within two hours taking away one space we got turned around.


This trail has some rock obstacles, mud pits, and a few water crossings that would be tough for stock vehicles and even with a lift-kit and bigger tires. I did do this trail with no winch or lockers but did use basic recovery gear to help get out of the mud.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Coppinger Road Starts off paved where you will see a sign for the Church. Keep going past the church.