Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin

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11.82 ft



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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

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Ernest F. Hollings National Wildlife Refuge is in the heart of the ACE Basin in South Carolina. The refuge represents one of the largest undeveloped wetland ecosystems remaining on the Atlantic Coast. This route is one of the many trails through the ACE Basin; at the end of the road is the Grove Plantation House. Along with the house are miles of hiking/biking trails through the forests and marshlands. At the end of the route is the avenue of oaks leading to the Grove Plantation House. The ACE Basin is home to many migratory species that stop here during the winter months. Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin is CLOSED on weekends, but visitors can park outside the gate and hike onto the property.

Photos of Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin

Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin
Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin
Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin


Dirt road to a large parking area. Road is maintained recently and may have some washboarding during peak summer months.


Originally built by George Washington Morris in 1828, the plantation house has passed through multiple hands until acquired by US Fish & Wildlife Service in 1992. Today, the house is one of the few antebellum mansions left in the area after the Civil War.

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