High Top Trail

Total Miles


639.71 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The High Top Trail is a more technical out and back route in Bald Eagle State Forest. The trail begins as an uphill dirt two-track and quickly turns and stays rocky. At several points a 4x4 is necessary to proceed. The trail is very narrow the entire drive and has a high potential to scratch paint. Several places to turn around and let people pass, but they are spaced apart quite a bit. There's a few 90 degree bends with tight trees that wider/longer vehicles could have issues getting through. Lastly, chainsaws are recommended on this trail as it is likely fallen trees will be encountered. There is an exit at the water crossing you can take to make this a non-dead-end trail.


Several times 4x4 will be required and mirrors must be folded in. Having a spotter would be beneficial.

Technical Rating