Bootlegger Entrance off 102

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431.25 ft


0.25 Hours

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Heading from 102 on the Gas Line provides a scenic view of the southern valley, but exercise caution as there are a few decent-sized rocks to navigate. The western entrance to this part is smooth and easy, offering a notable difference in choices. If you're heading west, opting for the easier way is recommended. The Gas Line section curves, encouraging continued eastward travel. Attempting to turn west off the Gas Line can result in an off-camber situation and a potential risk of rollover.

Photos of Bootlegger Entrance off 102

Bootlegger Entrance off 102


There are rocks and a steep downhill. Caution needs to be taken to ensure the driver does not take the off-camber turn.

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Access Description

Take 102 or the Bootlegger for the fastest access. Trail 109 also will lead you here.

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