Sparkys Top

Total Miles


2,021.66 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail starts on a cinder double track road that runs the south perimeter of Wickiup Lake. From there you start traveling upward on a trail named FIR which also is a double track that starts the climb up Davis Mountain. Continuing on this trail you will be surrounded by forestry with a cinder road beneath you which is managed by the forest service. The trail is easy featuring a slight incline for the first stretch with not many variations. From this cinder road, the trail either continues straight for a very easy drive to the destination but for this mapped trail it turns off and takes you up a slightly steeper single-track trail (FSR #6240) with some partially overgrown foliage areas. On this portion of the trail, the grade dips and turns through the forest. About 6mi into the trail you emerge out of the trees where a wide open view of lakes and hills around you. The terrain at this point becomes sandy along with some wood debris on the trial. Trail FSR #6240 meets back up with the FIR trail where it turns and you make the final accent to Sparky's top. The final accent consists of moderately loose sand and gravel with rock protrusions of approximately 8in height. At the top of Davis Mountain (Sparky's Top), a view of various lakes and tree tops are visible.

Photos of Sparkys Top

Sparkys Top
Sparkys Top
Sparkys Top


Double and single track trails that are multi directional with sandy washes along with 8in rock protrusions out of the sand . Various dips and turns on the trail are to be expected.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Hardline Yota
Sep 11, 2023
Neil Everett Capano
Aug 05, 2023
Downed Tree

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