Prineville Reservoir BLM Trails

Total Miles


1,252.80 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

A huge of variety of trails exist in this area. Most of them are intermediate to experienced climbing out of the canyon. The best riding for someone learning would be in the late spring through early fall while trails are dry. Opportunities for steep hill climbs and many twisty trails. Most of the trails are dirt with small rocks. Up on top, there are places to stop and have lunch with views of the reservoir. In the summer, be prepared for a lot of dust. During fall and spring, water, ice, snow and mud is common. Parking is very limited, so keep that in mind. Off-road vehicles are not permitted down by the water. There is no camping at this location, but there are several campgrounds nearby.

Photos of Prineville Reservoir BLM Trails

Prineville Reservoir BLM Trails
Prineville Reservoir BLM Trails
Prineville Reservoir BLM Trails


The main trail is subject to water runoff, which makes the trail pretty uneven. There are several steep climbs if you get off the main trail going up to the top of hill. These are areas where rollovers and sliding can occur. About 75% would be considered advanced beginner to intermediate and the rest advanced.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jake Halloran
Mar 15, 2024
2012 Toyota Tacoma
The main trail from the boat launch to the top of the plateau is the worst bit, with the road being constantly off camber / muddy / deeply rutted. If you are a tall rig or not paying attention, I could easily see sliding or roll overs. Once on top of the plateau, it's easy roads and some mud holes. Some good camping along the ridge overlooking the reservoir. Very fun stuff. Easy enough for my stock Tacoma, hard enough to make you pay attention and need some skill.

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