Lookout Point Trail

Total Miles


367.8 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

NF-5821 is a dirt road on the opposite side of Willamette Highway 58, separated by Lookout Point Lake. The locals use this road as an alternative route when Highway 58 is closed due to a major car accident, but on most days, Lookout Point Trail is a fun trail, especially for beginners. Where any crossover, SUV, or truck can handle the large, sometimes deep potholes, a sedan or minivan may need to negotiate them with more care. And although this road is used by the locals, it is not to be taken lightly during the flooding season, as the road may become part of the Willamette River. Lookout Point Trail connects Westfir (East) to Lowell (West) with beautiful views of the lake, river, and small creeks that come down the hillside. This road also offers other smaller roads for the more experienced off-roader.


Do not get distracted by the beautiful scenery, this road can be dangerous if you are not paying attention. There are no guard rails to save you from cliff sides, and there are rail road crossings that don't have level crossing signals or flashing lights when a train is approaching.

Technical Rating