A-6 Crash Site

Total Miles


1536.28 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

This one was a fun one. Very rocky road with deep ruts in areas. The whole journey took us through a fairly flat sagebrush terrain with some elevation change and beautiful rock outcroppings. There are many places to pull off and explore. There's a fairly steep ascent at the end of the route to the crash site that leads up to two trailheads. Each leading to a different plane crash. We went to the A-6 site. We were able to drive the trail, but it is very, very rocky.


On the route we went there were a few place that 4x4 with lift was necessary. Large rock in road that had to be driven over. Not impassible by any means and locker not required but would be challenging and intimidating for a novice. Any rain and the road would be nearly undriveable.


The A6 crash site is a military plane that crashed years ago. They left the debris untouched as a memorial for the two people that died.

Technical Rating


Access Description

There are two ways in. Both through a gate. The more east entrance is on the backside of a large gravel pull out. We went in that way and out the the more westerly road. The road in to the site is directly off of the main Highway that runs through Christmas Valley.