Fish Fry Creek Road

Total Miles


173.14 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

This beautiful trail takes you down to the Mountain Fork River edge. This is one of the few trails in the area that you can actually descend all the way to the water and camp on the banks of the Mountain Fork River. There are some muddy puddles and some spots of erosion that you will need require technical driving for, but nothing is more technical than the end descent to the water. A bulldozer has come through to widen the road and has left deep ruts and large drops hidden by the loose dirt. There is an abandoned and burned van left about three-quarters through the trial. It is on the south side of the trial and worth making a pitstop to check out.


At the start of the trail there are some muddy puddles that can easily swallow the road with rainfall.near the middle and through to the end of the trail are very eroded areas that will require technical slow driving. A bull dozer has widened the road but beware as it has also concealed some large rocks and large drops.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Take Hwy 259 to forest service road 50200. The trail starts off road 50200 which is a beautiful road that snakes along the mountains of Oklahoma. Watch your speed as park rangers regularly traverse this route. There is a water crossing with a concrete bottom along the way.