Camel Road - Splash but Don't Crash

Total Miles


327.05 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail follows a creek bed for the majority of the route. With running water, and some great places to get your flex on. This trail is centered towards the off-roader that likes more technical and difficult trails. But is still completely doable solo. There is very limited cell service here, so make sure you let some friends or family know where you will be and when you are getting back.This is very close to some other great trails, and this would be a perfect warm-up trail before getting into the gnarly stuff nearby. *A tornado went through and some trees are down, so if you have a tall vehicle you may experience some difficulty getting under the downed trees.


You will drive through a running creek bed, with small rocks and boulders, and then you will start to gain elevation on some easy hill climbs. This is a through trial. You can take any stock 4x4 or even high clearance 2wd with LSD or Locker on this. A full-size vehicle will fit on this trail. Do not recommend running this trail in the winter, as you could slide down some very steep sections and potentially fall off the side of the road.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Start the trail from State Route 45. As it is easier to access from that side.