Quebradas Backcountry Byway

Total Miles


1,645.45 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

The Quebradas Backcountry Byway is a National Scenic Byway, starting north of Socorro and zipping through the desert down to Highway 380. Along the way, you will see a variety of desert landscapes, with rainbow-hued stratification visible on the mountains to the east. The start of the route also serves as an access road for the more challenging trails in Gordy's Hill. Quebradas start from a paved road on the East banks of the Rio Grande. Most of the road is graded gravel and even has guard rails in places. Initially, the route heads east, climbing onto the mesa that is the center of Gordy's Hill Area. The road then descends to cross a dry creek bed (watch for flash flooding) before turning south through the desert. Do note that there is a small section after the dry creek bed which has private land around it. Once turning southward, the trail features numerous dispersed camping opportunities with great vistas. This is a great trail to do in virtually any vehicle, providing easy access to the wonders of the desert.

Photos of Quebradas Backcountry Byway

Quebradas Backcountry Byway
Quebradas Backcountry Byway
Quebradas Backcountry Byway


This road can be done in virtually any crossover. Great for getting off the beaten path.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Norvin Luna
Mar 30, 2024
2019 Jeep Renegade
Great road, well maintained great for a little dirt time. Road narrows in a few spots but nothing unmanageable. We didn't see anyone till just before the end of the trail. Take plenty of water.
Benji Kuipers
Aug 26, 2023

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