James Ridge

Total Miles


2,616.06 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

James Ridge is a narrow single-vehicle-wide trail that connects Sixteen Springs Canyon Road. to the Three Mile Canyon trail. There are no obstacles larger than 10" along the trail, however, some of the rocks can be loose and on light grades. Most high-clearance AWD and 4x4s will have no issues completing the trail. While the trail surface is primarily rock, there are a few sections of dirt that become small mud holes after rain or snow melt. The trail is primarily single-vehicle wide with very little room to pass for a majority of the track due to heavy brush and trees. Views are limited with only a couple of small areas where the trees open up slightly giving an overlook of the valley to the west. Cell service is strong for the majority of the trail with a few areas being slightly weaker. Dispersed camping is permitted along the trail, however, due to the thick vegetation and brush, there are very few spots to accommodate. There are no legal motorized spurs off the trail and drivers should stay on the main trail. The James Ridge L.O. can be found at the north end of the trail just off Sixteen Springs Canyon Rd. and provides room for parking and a picnic table.


There are no large obstacles along the trail, but be prepared for downed trees as there is no room to bypass and they must be cleared. Some minor rutting and standing water in mud holes will be present and become deeper after rain or snow melts.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Michael Morlan
Oct 28, 2023
2022 Chevrolet Silverado

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