Hale Lake Trail

Total Miles


2218.13 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The trail is well maintained and easily accessible by most vehicles, however, 2WD passenger vehicles may find some of the rocky areas difficult. The road is primarily dirt and gravel mixed with some rock gardens and minor rutting. While dry, the road provides a very easy and scenic drive with views of the mountains in the surrounding areas. There are private land areas at the southern end of the trail, and ranchers actively tend to the cattle in the area. There are no gates, but several cattle guards along the way, water tanks, and feed stalls. There are designated dispersed campsites along the trail, some easy to spot by the associated fire rings, however, there are some that are hidden due to overgrowth and show little sign of usage. Several spurs provide more trails to explore but they are heavily rutted with only a couple providing a more secluded camping area. The 9019D spur will take you to a historical site but is only accessible by hiking or high clearance 4x4 as it is rutted more than 30" in some areas, and is very rocky. During snow or rain, the road is easy to travel on with the exception of the rocky areas with the rocks becoming very slick. The road is two vehicles wide for a majority, with one or two small areas being narrowed by rutting and erosion. Be cautious of cattle in the area, they hold a heavy presence but moved off the roadway when being approached.


Road is well maintained with minimal rutting. Some rocky areas will be difficult for smaller or lower height vehicles. Easily accessible and drivable by most 4x4, 4wd and AWD.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The trail is located just off of I-70, East of Ruidoso, New Mexico. There are two entry points to the trail approximately 8 miles apart. The eastern entrance is just outside of the town of Glencoe, NM and continuing west will lead to the western entrance closer to Ruidoso, NM.