FS 23/FS 137 Abiquiu to El Rito

Total Miles


2572.3 ft


6 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This trail begins by turning right onto FS 23 from US 84 North, just south of Route 96 turn off to the lake. You will begin climbing in elevation and the views to the west of Cerro Pedernal and Abiquiu Lake improve steadily up to ~7,500 ft elevation. There will be scenic overlooks along the ridge to the east as FS 23 follows this ridge closely. There are a few rock formations in the first ten miles or so that required scouting and careful line choice (1/2 ton truck). Once on FS 137, the traveling is beautiful and smooth and the majority two car-width wide. The landscape turns into grassy meadows and tall Ponderosa Pines as you make your way into El Rito.


There are two different inclines with bigger rocks that are the only difficult formations along this 23 miles route. This route was done with a Ram Rebel (1/2 ton) and with careful line selection, had no issues or scraping.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Continue west on route 84 from Bode's General Store, FS 23 will be a right hand turn after climbing in elevation past the scenic road side river view. If you pass signs to turn left onto route 96 for Abiquiu Lake, you have gone too far.