Bear Swamp Hill Loop

Total Miles


43.27 ft


1.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Drive the perimeter of the small Penn State Forest starting near scenic Oswego Lake and visit Bear Swamp Hill summit, which is one of the higher points in the Pine Barrens. The terrain is typical for the area being mostly flat. The trails are gravely sand, and you can expect lots of puddles large and small of varying depths. The summit has the remains of a paved road and a building foundation.


Most of the puddles and water are small by Pine Barrens standards and have hard bottoms, but some are a bit deeper and have ruts that can high-center a stock or moderately modified SUV. A 4x4 with low range is recommended as is a winch and/or recovery boards. This area is not as heavily traveled as much of nearby Wharton State Forest, so be prepared for occasional downed trees/limbs.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Steven Sitarik
Feb 10, 2024

Access Description

Navigating to Oswego Lake is probably easiest as this trail picks up across from the parking lot for that popular recreation destination.

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