Carpenter Bypass

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1,340.77 ft


0.5 Hours

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This trail is a short connector trail very similar to the other trails in the area, made up of a mix of dirt with loose rock and gravel washes. There are some bigger loose rocks in the middle of the trail to watch out for, and the trail is surrounded by Joshua Trees and Yucca. It's a slight decline from the east to the west trailhead, and overall an easy trail great for beginner dirt bikers new to single track. There is a large staging area at the east end of the trail that can also be a great place to camp. It's generally easy to follow the trail in the wash, but it was easy to miss the exit out of the wash at the west end of the trail. The trails in the area are unmarked and can be easy to miss. Look for cairns and having a GPS track to follow is recommended. There is some service in the area with Verizon, but you can lose service once you get higher into the hills.

Photos of Carpenter Bypass

Carpenter Bypass
Carpenter Bypass
Carpenter Bypass


This is a consistently easy trail with no obstacles.

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Access Description

Stage off of Carpenter Canyon Road or Wheeler Pass.

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