Willow Mountain to Burnt Fork Lake Hiking trail

Total Miles


2454.92 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Easy graded narrow trail. Lots of pullouts to pass other drivers; some of the corners are steeper with looser gravel. Be alert for people collecting firewood and their trucks parked right in the road as they drag trees from the forest. We encountered horseback riders, dirtbike riders, and SXS's on the trail. There are vast, beautiful views of the Bitterroot Valley. Occasional dispersed camping spots along the way. The lookout tower gate was closed and located and is a half-mile hike to get to the lookout tower. The road continues through the forest and ends at another locked gate where you could continue on foot and hike to the Burnt Fork Lake


Mostly graded with some loose gravel sections on switchbacks Narrow in some places with blind corners. Maybe impassable in winter and spring once the snow comes in.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Take Coal pit road East from town to Willow Creek Road into the National Forest and take lower Willow St Clair to trailhead and turn left at the Y to continue toward the Peak.