Pinecones and Tall Grass

Total Miles


1598.4 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

If you love riding on pinecones and through tall grass, then you're in luck. This trail gets you further into the mountains and even more remote. If you want peace and quiet, then this is for you. Watch for boulders hidden in the tall grass from frequent rock slides and be aware of downed trees in springtime or after a storm. There's a nice camping spot near where the recording ends, and the trail is entirely overgrown from here. On the way up, the trail connects up with some older logging roads that are now only accessible by foot. Sadly there is no longer vehicular access to MuMullan Peak. These trails that show on the map are long since overgrown. There is one bar of Verizon LTE near the top, none in the Valley below.


Easy, mostly narrow with some tight turns, and pullouts to pass oncoming. Be sure to watch for boulders that have rolled down the hill, they may need to be moved for a passenger car or SUV to pass. There is also a strong possibility of downed trees so be ready to clear trees as well.

Technical Rating