Moose Bush Ridge

Total Miles


1816.36 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail splits from the Bush Moose Ridge Trail and eventually runs above it. The trail is rutted almost immediately, and when the ruts disappear, there are crater size potholes to watch out for and then ruts again. It's pretty much one or the other for most of the trail. Sections of it are narrow, only allowing for one vehicle and these narrow sections usually have a pretty good cliffside drop. That being said, the views on this trail are beautiful. It's a ridgeline for parts of it, so you get views of one mountain range before hopping over the ridge and getting mountain vistas from the other side. There is no apparent dispersed camping, but good hunting access could exist. Some downed trees were uncleared; if traveling in Spring or after a good storm, bring gear to clear deadfall. No Winter maintenance. There is no cellular service out here, be sure to plan ahead.


Pot craters or ruts and that's how the trail goes, there are super narrow sections with no pullouts and steep dropoffs. Tree clearing may be necessary year-round.

Technical Rating