Magpie Creek to Avalanche Creek

Total Miles


2062.07 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Starting off, this ride seems straightforward; two vehicles can easily pass one another. Taking a left when you reach Magpie Ridges leads to some nice obstacles. You'll continue to climb, rolling over rock gardens along the way when you reach a steep section. Make sure E-Brake works if you want to get out and take photos. You'll reach a 4-way intersection at the top, take a right on Avalanche Creek, to return to Hwy 284. Great campsites along the way. Look for a couple of water crossings to access campsites.


Two vehicle width early on. Magpie Ridge is where you'll start to have clearance over various rock gardens. Very steep section before connecting to Magpie Road again.

Technical Rating