Gravelly Range Road (FS290) (Partial)

Total Miles


2911.4 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Gravelly Range Road is a very long road that runs from Red Rock Lakes Road west of the Island Park, ID to a point just east of Virginia City, MT. The section of road included herein is approximately 14.5 miles that connects FS237 to Warm Springs Road (FS163). This is a beautiful drive along the top of a ridgeline at approximately 9,500' with spectacular views in every direction. On clear days multiple mountain ranges are visible. The area has many elk, bears, wolves and cows. There are few trees at this altitude to obstruct the views so plan your itinerary appropriately to allow time to pull over and enjoy the majesty around you. There are side trails of various difficulty with areas of rocks and wet areas with springs. You will note that the route does include a short segment that goes beyond the turn to FS163. That has been intentionally left on the track as the trail past FS163 transitions from a nice FS gravel road to a rocky, single lane trail if the first short distance is representative of the remaining trail. It is approximately 20 miles on to Virginia City but caution should be taken until this section has been documented based upon the change in trail characteristics.There are areas along this route with limited cell phone service. Data is generally not available.This area is closes early with snow and opens later in the year (early summer). Much of the upper areas are closed from April 30 - June 30 for Elk calving.


This is a well-maintained Forest Service Road that can be transited by most vehicles with the ability to travel a good, gravel road. There is an occasional rock but with due care this road is passable when dry for most vehicles. There are numerous examples of people getting on the side trails far too early leaving very deep ruts and areas where they obviously go stuck. There are numerous springs that can make the side trails questionable for larger vehicles.

Technical Rating