Gash Creek

Total Miles


1831.8 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Most of the trail up is a smooth easy graded road and would be no issue for any vehicle but it has been trimmed on either side of the road so it would be fine for larger vehicles as well. Beautiful scenic drive along the edge of the mountain in and out of the trees tons of stunning views. In some areas of shade on the hillside, there's at least one small creek waterfall and during spring there are probably more in the corners on the switchbacks. Several stunning views overlooking rock formations and the entire valley, its very worth a drive. The Trail narrows the last third of the trail and is not worth continuing once it begins to narrow, the views disappear and it ends at a small sloped turnaround. It would be difficult to turn around multiple vehicles at the very end or one large one even. There is some LTE in and out as you head up the mountain.


Mostly easy graded trail with some pullouts to allow oncoming traffic to pass. Maybe impassable during winter.

Technical Rating