Well Hollow to Black River

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0.5 Hours

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This trail branches off from the Black River Bottoms trail and leads to the edge of the Black River. The surface of the trail is mostly natural rock/gravel with areas of dirt/mud. After branching off of the Black River Bottoms trail, you will pass through a forest area with several water holes, narrow areas, and potentially slick mud. All of the water holes in this area have solid bottoms. Upon leaving the forest area, the trail opens up and turns to a surface of natural rock/gravel. This area has several water holes throughout the trail. In periods of frequent rain, these can have water depths close to 24 inches. The majority of these holes have natural gravel bottoms and are fairly solid. The trail ends at an open rock area alongside the Black River. 4WD and all-terrain tires are a minimum requirement for this trail. A winch or a second vehicle with recovery gear is strongly recommended due to the potential of getting stuck in the water holes.

Photos of Well Hollow to Black River

Well Hollow to Black River
Well Hollow to Black River
Well Hollow to Black River


If there has been rain recently, the holes in the trail fill, leading to this having a difficulty of 5 due to water depth. During dry periods, these water holes will be shallower and the difficulty rating will be lower.

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Chris Menz
Apr 29, 2024
1999 Jeep Cherokee

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