Twelvemile Creek Loop

Total Miles


305.43 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Twelvemile Creek Loop is a parallel natural trail to the Twelvemile Creek FSR 2130, which is in the Fredericktown sector of Mark Twain National Forest. The trail features a steep rocky drop in at the entrance, shortly after a creek crossing at Twelvemile Creek, an aggressive off-camber rutted uphill climb in the middle, followed by several mud sections, most feature bypasses, all through mildly tight tree lines that are potential to pinstripe. The base of the terrain on the trail partially consists of gritty dirt at the surface with course gravel and rock closely below that, and partially solid course natural gravel sections as the primary surface--a fun trail within a minute of US-67 to thrill and challenge.

Photos of Twelvemile Creek Loop

Twelvemile Creek Loop
Twelvemile Creek Loop
Twelvemile Creek Loop


This trail is a good gatekeeper for the area, gives you a good feel of the terrain style, over moderate steepness of the uphill grades with loose course rock, the creek water crossing (8" - 12" on average), tight trees requiring great attentiveness to navigate, paired with depths of water washed out ruts (12" - 36") and in the flat sections the mudholes (easily 18" - 24"), though the large mudholes do typically feature bypasses. The difficulty of the trail is only amplified by how wet the area is.

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Status Reports

Bruce Morgan
Jan 13, 2024
Permanently Closed
The loop portion is closed according to the MVUM map, FS2130 is open but it’s a dead in trail of the trails or off shoots are illegal.
Joe Steck
Jun 17, 2023
2021 Toyota 4Runner

Access Description

From the median crossing at US-67, at 37.47339, -90.30147, head south for .35 mile, turn right onto Madison County 401, follow the county road for .4 mile headed back north to the entrance of the trail, at 37.47376, -90.30436.

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