Nine Mile Depths

Total Miles


307.37 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

The Nine Mile Depths is a natural maintained road through the St Francois Mountains in the Fredericktown Sector of Mark Twain National Forest. The Nine Mile Depths is last 1.6 miles of the road where the difficulty ramps up from the first 7.8 miles of Nine Mile (Marsh Creek FSR 2120). It features larger natural rock sticking up at the surface, dirt sections, a few gravel sections, loose rock, water collection holes, ruts, slight off camber spots, and tightened width of the tree line at the edges, pin striping is likely.

Photos of Nine Mile Depths

Nine Mile Depths
Nine Mile Depths
Nine Mile Depths


The main difficulty is traversing the loose rock and natural rock, with less lift it will make you pick wise lines to get around them with out dragging while you dodge hitting the tightening trees, at a few spots may require multi-point turns to snake between the many trees. Add in water collection spots, mud, off-camber spots, and rain, and the difficulty is right in between a 3/10 and 4/10.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Chris Menz
Jan 19, 2024
1999 Jeep Cherokee
Tim Vollmer
Sep 17, 2023

Access Description

From the Fredericktown US-67 exit, at 37.52169, -90.31355, head west on Missouri Route-E for 18.1 miles, turn south onto Iron County Road 134, at 37.44785, -90.57972, for 1.5 miles, turn left onto the Nine Mile (Marsh Creek FSR 2120), at 37.43035, -90.58980, follow this trail for 7.8 miles, until you meet the fork in the road with the FSR 2120 Spur D (on the right), take the straight fork and you are on the trail.

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