Johns Creek FSR 2170

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283.65 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Johns Creek FSR 2170 is a half gravel half dirt forestry route through the northeasternmost section of Mark Twain National Forest, which resides in lower Ste Genevieve County Missouri. The trail is focused on being a hunting destination, full of campsite cutouts amongst the tall pines, and is generally a smooth easy going road. It does still have a subtle offroad element to it. Over the 2.1 miles, there is a general downhill grade into the lower valley that hosts Johns Creek, though the road never makes it to the creek itself. The road features deep potholes, mild water collection spots, mild ruts, and a road that seems to fade to dirt in many spots. At the end of the road, there is a decent turn-around loop to turn around even larger rigs and safely head back out.

Photos of Johns Creek FSR 2170

Johns Creek FSR 2170
Johns Creek FSR 2170
Johns Creek FSR 2170


The main difficulty of this road is if it is wet, the spots that fade to dirt can become soft and slick when wet but should be easy to navigate as long as you are mindful of the potholes that are deceptively deep. The rest of the difficulty is the common Forest Service Road scenarios, being gravel mounding, mild water collection spots, and washboarding. The road is scenic and generally a breeze to drive.

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Status Reports

Mike S
Jul 22, 2023
Downed Tree

Access Description

From the East, Get on Missouri Route T in Perryville at the intersection with Missouri Route 51, at 37.72669, -89.88413, drive 18.7 miles west to the intersection of MO-T and Missouri Route WW, head north for 3.8 miles on MO-WW, the entrance of the trail will be on your right, at 37.72689, -90.11134. From the West, come to the intersection of MO-OO and MO-T head east 9.1 miles on MO-T, turn left onto MO-WW, go north 3.8 miles, to the trail entrance on the right, at 37.72689, -90.11134.

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