Grassy Tower Loop

Total Miles


238.65 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Grassy Tower Loop is compromised of 3 county roads off Missouri 34 that lead back to the original Grassy Towersite and Conservation Area of the same name. The Bollinger County roads 504, 506, and 508 compromise the loop to the tower site, though only the 508 is necessary to get there. The roads in the route feature course creek gravel, with a distinct orange glow, preparing for dust, dirt, and silt-like mud depending on the conditions.

Photos of Grassy Tower Loop

Grassy Tower Loop
Grassy Tower Loop
Grassy Tower Loop


The Bollinger County course creek gravel roads are less than stellar, and go unmaintained for good portions of the year. They feature spots that the gravel washes and the road becomes dirt, there are also spots the gravel is soft and mounds, and lastly there is washboarding and potholes frequently. During wet conditions there will be water run off coming down the hills along side the roads and there is one low water bridge, but the bridge looks to rarely be covered with water. This all brings a little excitement above the normal backroad experience.


The only history that could be found was that the tower was bought privately and moved west of Ellsinore, MO. Dates unknown.

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Access Description

From the Marble Hill (Lutesville Side) intersection of Missouri 51 and 34, at 37.30014, -89.98157, head West on Missouri 34, in 4.3 miles the east loop entrance will be on your left at Bollinger County 504, 37.30703, -90.04742, or you can continue to the 7.3 miles mark to the west loop entrance at Bollinger County 508, 37.28774, -90.09022. Keep in mind to make the complete loop, note the turn at 37.27744, -90.06348 where 508 and 506 meet. The 504 and 506 seamlessly join at 37.29755, -90.04841, no turn is required, just continue straight.

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